Accessorizing with Adorn 512

I’m always looking for pretty little things that I can add to my jewelry and accessories collection. I especially love items that I can wear to work and in my casual wardrobe as well.  I discovered jewelry designer Dana Mitchell’s line Adorn 512 when I was shopping at a boutique in Geneva, Illinois and I purchased her initial necklaces.  It turns out Dana is from Chicago and has an online boutique where you can find many amazingly dainty and unique necklaces, earrings and charms to add to your collection.    I recently bought some pieces that I have been wearing non stop in many different ways.  Check out Dana’s collection and shop local!



Making it Real – Jewelry Designer Dina Mackney

It was an unlikely Saturday. I was on my way to Neiman Marcus on a mission to exchange a gift I was given.  Unlikely, because I don’t shop at Neman’s frequently, but I love to see high fashion, in real life beyond my magazine pages to get ideas for my own style and wardrobe.

After I exchanged my handbag, I strolled on over to the jewelry department to check it out.  There was a small crowd near a counter with curious women checking out a trunk show for jewelry designer Dina Mackney.  I followed suit and quickly became entranced with the beautiful unique pieces of interchangeable pendants and necklaces-each one of them with their own story I would quickly learn.

Dina herself came to help me, as she saw my curiosity with a jade green glass pendant that I was trying on.  Her story of how she found the Italian glass she used on a trip to Italy led us to a conversation about traveling for work.  Although my global travels aren’t nearly as creative and inspiring, we instantly connected on a topic that we had in common-traveling for work with young children at home.

It turns out she’s just like us, trying to figure it out and balance the needs of her business with the needs of her family. She’s got to be where the action is to get the job done and build her brand globally, but it’s not easy.  While I couldn’t give her any design ideas, I could share my strategies and ideas to manage the challenges that travel has with kids at home.

I bought that necklace as a treat for myself, but it now has an even more interesting story behind it, the story of two working women navigating their careers, helping each other figure it out. Check out Dina’s amazing pieces at